Tips For Driving A Rental Car In Menorca

Tips For Driving A Rental Car In Menorca

Most people visiting Menorca prefer to hire rental cars because it allows them to explore the city at their own pace. Having a rental car means, you can go to different places, including the remote locations where public transport is not available.

Rent a car Menorca service is the best option for those visiting the city to explore the place. If you are planning to rent a car in Menorca, we have some tips for you. This will help you to enhance your traveling experience.

Tips To Follow

Driving in Menorca can be a thrilling experience. To ensure a safe and enjoyable journey, you should follow these tips:

  • Stick to the right side of the road when driving because Menorca follows the right-hand driving rule. Also, make sure you have had enough practice before hitting the road.
  • Menorca follows a strict seatbelt policy, so make sure that all passengers in your car are wearing seatbelts while driving.
  • Menorca’s maximum speed limit is 80km/h. It is important to drive within the limit, so you can avoid any mishaps. Also, you should adjust the speed limit based on road conditions, weather, and traffic.
  • Always carry your driver’s license and other documents. You will need to present these documents if you encounter a law official on the road.
  • Like any other place, drunk driving is against the law in Menorca. If you fail to follow this rule, you might face severe consequences. This is why you should refrain from driving after consuming alcohol.
  • If you park your vehicle illegally, you can face penalties. In some cases, they can also tow your car. The good thing is that most car parks are free, so make sure to utilize them.
  • Menorca’s rural roads are narrow and therefore, you should drive cautiously when visiting such places. Watch out for blind corners, slow down on bends, and oncoming traffic.
  • Menorca’s roads can be confusing, especially for newcomers, and therefore, it is advisable to use a GPS.

Final Words

Driving around Menorca is fun and exciting if you follow all the road rules. This way you can both enjoy and keep yourself safe.

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