Things You Can Do in Fort Lauderdale During Spring Break


Fort Lauderdale will be perfect for you if you are looking for a unique spring break experience. Its 300 miles of inland waterways have made it popular as the Venice of America. The city is located 30 miles north of Miami sea beach in Florida.

The city has terrific things to offer you. The waterways are fabulous for watery activities. The 23 miles of golden sand shine when the spring rays bounce in them. Read the blog to know the things you can enjoy here for a worthy summer break.

Why is Fort Lauderdale Famous?

Other than the beaches, the art, events, and culture attract the majority. Las Olas Boulevard and gondola rides on the canals are the most important shopping spots here. You can also take advantage of the landscaped beachfront promenade. It has a surreal paved brick path and white wave wall. Across the streets, you will find fantastic seafront beaches to enjoy meals.

You can take the water taxi for the prime view of yachts dotting Millionaires Row and mansions. Visit the Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk to idealize the red brick road. See the antiques of the 1900s in the Stranahan House.

What Are the Things You Can Do in Fort Lauderdale?

As you learned, the concerned city is an excellent network for channels. It has 165 miles of waterways within the city and is adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean. The Yachting Capital of the World has visitable beaches as a special attraction.

You may have gathered the idea that you can have an exquisite Fort Lauderdale Spring break. As your ultimate guide, here are some of the things you can do there.

●      Beaches

You can spend a calm day at beaches like Hillsboro Beach or Dania Beach. But if you are looking for thrilling adventures, nowhere is greater than Lauderdale-By-The-Sea or Pompano Beach. You can do many activities here, from reefs to snorkeling to diving through wrecks.

●      Waterways

As said earlier, the waterways are the most popular and unique attraction here. You can choose waterways, water taxis, or gondolas. The water taxis will allow you to hop on and off all day with a ticket. You can celebrate any important event on the Italian Gondola cruise.

●      Entertainment

Beaches in Florida are full of entertainment. Similarly, live hard rock shows, exotic nightlife, and other art forms will entertain you in Fort Lauderdale. You can enter the casinos to double up your entertainment. The Downtown Hollywood Mural Project is also a valuable attraction.

●      Adventures

From tours to sightseeing, you will find a plethora of adventures here. You can choose boating, fishing, golf, and others. You can also enjoy the authentic rodeo of the city. Nothing can be better than renting a boat or marina to enjoy American Venice.

●      Shopping

You will find famous malls with variations of options. Visit Las Olas Boulevard, Sawgrass Mills, and Swap Shop to get exclusive clothes, accessories, food options, and others.

If you want a glimpse of sports, go and try the mesmerizing sporting events on Fort Lauderdale beaches. Miami Dolphins, Florida Marlins, Florida Panthers, and Gulfstream Park Racing offer you the most popular events. In your free time, take a walk to the Flamingo Gardens or Butterfly World.


In conclusion, nothing can beat the surreal attractions when it comes to a thrilling spring break. You can find plenty of things to do in the Fort Lauderdale Spring break that can never make you bored. If you are planning your spring break here, choose Inertia Tours for great discounts. Get splendid accommodation, food, and tickets to parties included in your value package.

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