How Will You Keep Yourself Busy During the Egypt Tour?

How Will You Keep Yourself Busy During the Egypt Tour

Egypt offers innumerable experiences, extending far beyond ancient monuments and museums. Its diverse landscapes encompass vast deserts, stunning coastlines, and the iconic River Nile, catering to every traveler’s taste for wonder and adventure. 

The Red Sea’s coral reefs rival those of the Caribbean and the South Pacific, drawing diving and snorkeling enthusiasts. 

Additionally, Egypt provides opportunities for watersports, golfing, horse- and camel-riding trekking, jeep safaris, and hot-air ballooning. 

Furthermore, football (soccer) is a national obsession for Egyptians, adding a cultural dimension to the country’s diverse offerings. So, how are you going to be engaged if you visit now?

Diving in Ras Mohammed National Park

Diving in the Red Sea is a top activity in Egypt, boasting stunning coral reefs and diverse marine life. The park, located at the southern tip of Sinai, features popular spots like Shark Reef and Yolanda.

Riding, trekking, and jeep safaris

When visiting Egypt, various transportation options are available for exploring different regions. Donkeys are suitable for navigating Theban Necropolis, while horses are fun for desert stretches. 

Camels offer exhilarating rides, ideal for Sinai and the Western Desert treks. Additionally, jeep safaris provide a unique experience in the oases and beyond.

Trek the Sinai Trail

The 250km trail, a collaborative effort by Bedouin tribes, volunteers, and an NGO, spans from the Gulf of Aqaba to St. Katherine’s highlands, culminating at Egypt’s highest peak, Jebel Katarina.

A camel ride in the Sahara Desert at sunset

Embark on a camel or horse ride through the Sahara Desert to witness the breathtaking sunset at the Pyramids of Giza. Tours vary from one hour to half a day, offering a memorable experience.

Sailing down the Nile

Experience an adventure down the breathtaking Nile River, offering a glimpse of the treasures from the days of the Pharaohs. Choose from various boat options, including the traditional Felucca, for a unique journey.

Watersports in El-Gouna

El Gouna is perfect for watersport enthusiasts, offering kitesurfing, paddle boarding, parasailing, and more. The consistent wind conditions cater to active visitors, while the golden beaches provide relaxation opportunities.

Kitesurfing in Soma Bay

Kitesurfing in Soma Bay

Som Bay offers ideal kitesurfing conditions with perfect year-round winds and stunning surroundings. Its pristine waters and desert landscapes create a breathtaking backdrop, complemented by trained instructors and top-notch equipment.

Quad bike safari Hurghada

Explore Hurghada’s desert landscapes with thrilling off-road adventures, reaching speeds of 30mph guided by professionals. Traverse rugged sand dunes and visit a Bedouin Village to experience local tea and water smoking.

Luxor hot-air balloon

Soar over Ancient Egypt’s wonders in a hot air balloon, gazing upon the pyramids, monuments, and Pharaohs’ burial grounds in Luxor.

Fishing in Lake Nasser

Lake Nasser offers the chance to catch the world’s largest freshwater fish, the Nile perch, along with Tigerfish and Moonfish. This tranquil, remote location provides a peaceful setting for fishing enthusiasts.

Discover the multitude of activities and experiences awaiting you during your Egypt tour. Explore Now for an unforgettable journey through the country’s diverse landscapes and cultural offerings.


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