5 Essential Accessories For Winter Watersports


Even during the year’s colder periods, you are increasingly likely to witness surfers, swimmers, and paddleboarders enjoying their favorite bodies of water. The cold weather, even snow and rainfall, tends no longer to be enough to deter watersports enthusiasts and their outdoor activities are growing in popularity all year round.

There are a number of reasons as to why individuals and groups are braving the cold and making watersports popular through winter. Some prefer being able to enjoy their favorite spots without summer tourism. Lakes and seafronts become quieter and less populated, meaning there is a greater sense of freedom and serenity. Others champion the health benefits of embracing the cold water, seeing it as a way to boost their immune system. Another key reason, however, is the advancement of technology and the improvement of accessories.

Wet And Dry Suits

One such example of advancements in technology is found in the comfort of wet and dry suits. These assets completely change the landscape for watersports enthusiasts during the winter and open up the ocean, lakes, and rivers, even on the coldest of days.

There are a number of subtle differences between wet and dry suits but it largely comes down to the temperature of the water, with dry suits offering greater insulation and comfort in more extreme conditions.

Changing Robes

Once back on dry land, whether from a cold water swim or a relaxing SUP session, it is important to dry off and warm up as quickly as possible. The best way to do this is with a high-quality changing robe. Modern designs ensure that a body is quickly insulated from the cold, removing the moisture from the skin and helping individuals to feel soon restored. Changing robes also offer a discreet way to change out of wet clothing too, expediting the warming and drying process.

Insulated Flask

Having a hot drink ready for you once you’re finished for the day is a true luxury, one that can help to quickly restore a body to its regular temperature, even on a cold day. However, there are not always cafes in the wild, meaning that individuals have to supply their own coffee and tea. As such, an insulated flask is a worthy investment and these simple purchases ensure that drinks remain at a high temperature throughout the day.

Wool Hat

A thick hat made from natural fibers can make a huge difference on the water, especially since weather conditions can feel more extreme when further from the land. These stylish additions to watersport attire keep the head warm and, when brightly knit, ensure visibility on the water.


Booties are the wetsuit equivalent of shoes, being made from the same neoprene material, and are highly recommended for those wanting to enjoy their favorite watersports during winter. Cold water swimmers often choose them not only for insulation but also comfort when treading over rocks. However, they are especially important for surfers and paddleboarders since they not only insulate feet but help to maintain better grip too.

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